Midsummer Eve Mini Retreat | Vinyasa Flow & Sound Bath | with Savanna and Jennifer

Saturday 24TH June 2023 |19:00-20:30 | PRICE: £25

Midsummer is the perfect time to come back into balance, celebrating the longer nights as we drift into bliss and ease…surrendering to the sounds of Summer. Come and join us for a unique event on this special midsummer day.


Savanna and Jennifer have created a 90 minute unique Vinyasa Flow with Sound. The session will begin with simple breathwork, meditation, connection, grounding and lifting. Then, as Savanna guides you through the poses, Jennifer will match it with relevant musical frequencies. At the end, you will come into Savasana and Jennifer will play her Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls as you relax deeply, allowing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to heal. You will leave feeling free and clear. Your body and auric fields will have released and let go bringing you into optimum health.

This workshop is suited to all levels. Get excited for:

Crystal singing bowls

Music, singing, meditation, pranayama, and slow yoga flow

We will use lots of props, and eye masks to make sure we’re comfortable.

Savanna Gude

Savanna has practised and taught yoga for over a decade. She particularly loves Vinyasa as it is accessible for many fitness levels, reduces anxiety and depression and connects you to your body through movement and breath. Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of poses cued by an inhalation or an exhalation of the breath. It works particularly well, when accompanied with Sound.


Jennifer Elizabetta

Jennifer is a Certified Sound Healer (CMA), multi-instrumentalist and vocal alchemist. She has the largest personal collection of Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls in the UK. She harmonise with these super high-grade and pure healing instruments to help clear you of stuck emotion, trauma, physical pain, imbalance and dis-ease.


To reserve your place, book via Eventbrite following the link below:

Backbending Workshop with Savanna

SUNDAY 28TH May 2023 |10:30-11:30 | PRICE: £10

Are you loving your yoga backbends and want to spend a bit more time exploring them? Or perhaps you’re a beginner who wants to learn how to safely practice backend poses.

If this sounds like it’s right up your street, join Savanna for this playful morning workshop at the end of May!


This workshop is for anyone who is practicing yoga and is familiar with backends

Beginners can still get lots from this workshop as we will work with props and break down postures to spend more time exploring them.

With Savanna’s guidance, you will cover:

• Half Wheel – Full Wheel

• Half Ustrasna – Full Ustrasna

• Playing around in Chin Stand

In this workshop, you will open up the whole front body, shoulders, hip flexors, quadriceps, and side body.

Please note, this workshop is not ideal for someone who has any shoulder or wrist injuries.

To sign up, send savannagude@gmail.com an email with your name and number.


workshop with Madira

SUNDAY 30TH april 2023 |15:00-12:15 | PRICE: £16

Journey into the origins of yoga, the philosophy of Bhatki, the significance of experiential learning and growing in yoga asana, as well as subtle shifting in our perception of mind and ego. 

This workshop will consist of mantra learning and chanting with correct pranayama (breathing), energising and creative vinyasa practice with a focus on opening the front body, finding stability and balance, while discovering how to let go of attachments to results and while giving ourselves fully in the moment.

Our yoga practice will be an offering. We will finish with learning japa mala bead chanting, and end with deep rest Yoga Nidra.

This workshop is open to all levels of curious practitioners.

To secure your space in this workshop please book through our online booking.

7 chakra workshop with Madira

SUNDAY 15TH January 2023 |10:00-11:45 | PRICE: £16

Join Madira in this short course that will introduce you to the 7 major Chakras and how to recognise and balance each one through physical and mental awareness, visualisation, yoga asana, sound healing meditation and relaxation. The 7 chakras are the main energy centres in our body around which energy flows, which is Sanskrit for “wheel” or “circle.” Channel more confidence, creativity, and joy in your life with a basic understanding of your body’s energy centers. This workshop is open to all levels of curious practitioners.

To secure your space in these sessions please book through our online booking.


SUNDAYS starting 4TH december 2022 |17:00-18:15 | PRICE: £10 (regular class pass or membership)

Surround yourself with the glow of candles in our warm and beautiful studio, bathing in the tranquil energy and scent of our essential oils. ⁠⁠For 3 evenings in December, we are offering you a truly special time to yourself.

By stepping in, we are welcoming you to a teaching and guidance that supports you on a deeper level, and inspires you to make the changes that you desire in your life.⁠

This Candle Lit Session is a restorative and nourishing yoga practice with meditation and mindful movement. Join us for an hour to unwind, gently move, and let go of any stress in a quiet and peaceful surrounding. This event is open to all levels. Everyone can benefit from slowing down, finding deeper breath and space within.

These special classes are offered as part of our regular class passes and memberships. 

To secure your space in these sessions please book through our online booking.

December 4th session: book here
December 11th session: book here
December 18th session: book here

Restorative Yoga + Meditation

Sunday 15th May 2022 |18:00-19:15 | PRICE: £15

Allow yourself space to slow down + rest in the supportive practice of restorative yoga.

Class will conclude with a guided meditation to relax body + mind. A beautiful way to wind down your Sunday.

Limited spaces. All are welcomed! Yoga experience not needed.

Contact Evy directly with any questions and to book your place. 

Fundamentals of Yoga Workshop – Back to Basics

Sunday 13th March 2022 |12:00-14:30 | PRICE: £30

Going back to the basics of yoga asana and breath work whilst exploring the fundamentals of correct alignment, posture and positioning. Learn to correctly increase strength, flexibility and mobility, improve motors skills and balance.

Be instructed and supported in safeguarding against common and preventable injuries.

Spend time with Ian a former Royal Marine, personal trainer and endurance athlete,  wether you are a beginner or using this workshop to enhance your yoga journey or help you to improve your chosen sport or pastime.

Correct alignment for yoga, running, climbing, swimming, cycling, CrossFit and weight training is essential to develop great posture and positioning to prevent long term and serious injury.

We look at modern physiology including gait and effective breathing techniques and explain why we undertake yoga asana and poses in a sympathetic and appropriate manner to support individual physical restrictions and personal requirements.

Suitable and appropriate for all levels.

Contact  Ian directly with any questions and to book your place. 


SUNDAYS starting 14TH November 2021 |17:30-19:00 | PRICE: £15 

Candle-lit yoga sessions is a magical winter experience, yoga specially designed to restore and nourish whole self. You will enjoy yoga experience in our warm, and for this occasion , candle-lit studio where yoga is calming and cantering, designed to relax, melt and open your body. A true indulgence in softness and caring for ourselves.
For this special class we will be supported by kind and caring teacher, warmth in the studio, mellow candle light and bolsters. Yoga style will include gentle flow and restorative Yin yoga. As we wrap up in serenity and calm in those sessions, we will enjoy relaxation part as guided meditative visualisation, or Yoga Nidra. This event is open to all levels. Everyone can benefit from slowing down, finding deeper breath and space within.

14th & 21st November, 5th & 12th December.

To secure your space in these sessions please book through our ONLINE BOOKING

Please contact us if you would like to teach a workshop in our space.

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